Video Project

Curated by Irene Gelfman


Video Project seeks innovative and immersive proposals that work with the moving image. On this occasion, the theme revolves around the posthuman, the environment and the relationship between humans and nature.



Irene Gelfman

Graduate and teacher of Middle and Higher Education in Arts (FFyL - UBA); she attended the # 11 Artists Program at UTDT (Critic and Curator). She is the winner of the first prize New Curators of the AMALITA Collection and the Argentine Association of Art Critics. She works in curation, management, and art criticism. She is the founder and director of Minerva Universos Visuales, an art studio focused on the dissemination of Art History content for diverse audiences, giving a clinic for artists and consulting for cultural projects. She writes for various media, publications and catalogs (Otra Parte, Colección de Artistas, among others). With more than seven years of experience in different areas of cultural management, both public (national and local) and private (foundations and NGOs), she coordinates and produces content. In addition, she put together the programming in areas such as theater, visuals, and music for different festivals, fairs, and international events in which Argentina was invited as a guest country. She developed and coordinated an aid program to promote Argentine artists abroad (APEX-Ministerio de Cultura Nación) and was a strategic advisor for the Barrios Creativos program.