About Pinta PArC

Pinta PArC is the official contemporary art fair in Peru. With eleven years of experience, it stands out for its experimental and ambitious programming as well as for its careful selection of galleries. Pinta PArC is the most attractive international cultural event in the region showcasing the essence of Peru  whilst intertwining its historical richness with the most current influences of contemporary art.

Pinta PArC at Casa Prado

For the past four years, Pinta PArC is located in Casa Prado, an emblematic building in the heart of Miraflores which dates back to the eighteenth century. This heritage building is a true monument to Peruvian tradition, preserving particularly attractive architectural and artistic elements. Hosting Pinta PArC at Casa Prado means reaffirming the appreciation and promotion of this cultural heritage, while seeking to revitalize the pre-existing by introducing contemporary languages into a unique heritage framework. 

Pinta PArC is part of Pinta, the largest platform committed to Latin American art, organizing three international art fairs, the editorial Arte Al Día and iniatiives such as Pinta Sud among other events and special programming.