Ping Pong Arte

Artistic Intervention

Ping Pong Art is an initiative that promotes individual and corporate social responsibility by merging art and sport, under the leadership of Marissi Campos, a distinguished Peruvian Art Advisor and gallery owner with over 25 years of experience in the art scene.

This project is linked to the Impactando Vidas program, led by Olympic table tennis player Mónica Liyau, which aims for the holistic development of students from public schools across various regions of Peru through table tennis. Activities such as exhibitions and auctions are conducted, where renowned Peruvian artists are invited to create artistic interventions on equipment associated with the sport, including tables, rackets, and balls.


Artists: Carla Reyes Vercelli, Lennin Vásquez, GIan Franco Dueñas.

Activity coordinated by the Marissi Campos Gallery