Curated by Florencia Portocarrero

NEXT is an innovative platform that allows the fair's public to discover the latest art from Latin America. The section brings together six galleries that encourage emerging artists committed to their contexts and artistic experimentation in the region. 

In 2024, NEXT renews its commitment to make the work of emerging artists visible through sustained collaboration with six galleries representative of the diverse art scenes of Latin America and its diaspora. These six spaces have been chosen for their impetus in reinvigorating contemporary gallery practices, adapting creatively to the complex conditions of the Latin American context.



In this edition, NEXT will showcase the work of sixteen artists that can be grouped under the umbrella of "emerging". In this way, the section proposes a problematization of the frontiers of this category, which is very necessary in a region characterized by the lack of institutional support for artistic development. 

Although the artists selected for NEXT currently reside in different parts of the world, they originally come from cities such as Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Huanúco, Lima, Salta and Tucumán. From this situated but at the same time cosmopolitan perspective, their works seek to deepen our understanding of the interweaving of crises -political, social and climatic- that characterize our present in different media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, textile and installation.

In its sixth edition, NEXT consolidates itself as a space for significant exchange between artistic scenes, highlighting both the crucial role of the galleries and the city of Lima in the ecosystem of contemporary art in Latin America. 


Galleries participating in the NEXT Section:

Constitución (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Enhorabuena (Madrid, España / Lima, Perú)

Paseo Lab (Lima, Perú / Punta del Este, Uruguay)

Remota (Salta, Argentina )

Salón Comunal (Bogotá, Colombia)

Vigil Gonzales (Buenos Aires, Argentina / Cusco, Perú)


Florencia Portocarrero

Florencia Portocarrero (Lima, 1981) is an interdependent curator. Inside and beyond institutions, her cultural practice intertwines writing, teaching and the organization of exhibitions and public programs. Her research interests focus on how to rewrite art history from a feminist perspective, the questioning of hegemonic forms of knowledge and the processes of subjectivization within the neoliberal economy. Originally trained as a clinical psychologist with a psychoanalytic orientation, between 2012 and 2013, Portocarrero participated in the Curatorial Program at de Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam, and in 2015 she completed a second MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths University in London. She has lectured at various international institutions and her writings on art and culture appear regularly in specialized magazines and publications. In Lima, she has worked as curator of proyectoamil's public program (2015-2019), was curatorial advisor to the Contemporary Art Acquisitions Committee of the Museo de Arte de Lima-MALI (2018-2020) and is a professor in the Masters in Art History and Curatorship at the PUCP. Since 2014 she is co-director of Bisagra: an art collective in which she has worked in collaboration with artists and professionals from different fields and backgrounds to carry out politically engaged and socially sensitive art projects.