Main Section 2023

In its 10th anniversary, the main section of the fair is made up of more than forty galleries from around the world. They were selected for the quality of their artists and the novelty of the presented projects. This year more than 200 artists from the region will participate, in this way promoting and exhibiting the quality of artistic production in Latin America.


Main Section Galleries

80 M2 | Lima, Perú
Carlos Caamaño | San Isidro, Perú
El Museo/ Fernando Pradilla | Bogotá, Colombia
Espacio Minimo | Madrid, España
Factoría Santa Rosa | Santiago de Chile, Chile
Fixed Project | Lima, Perú
Fleisch | Madrid, España
Galería Del Paseo | Punta del Este, Uruguay
GBG Arts | Caracas, Venezuela
Ginsberg | Lima, Perú
Imaginario | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Klaus Steinmetz | San José, Costa Rica
La Galeria | Lima, Perú
LGM | Bogotá, Colombia
LyV Gallery | Córdoba Argentina
Now Gallery | Lima, Perú
O Art Project | Lima, Perú
Pabellón 4 | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pedro Cera | Lisboa, Portugal
Piero Atchugarry | Miami  | USA 
Ponce+Robles | Madrid, España
Prima | Vitacura, Chile
Quimera | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Revólver | Lima / Buenos Aires | Perú / Argentina
Rubber Stamp Art Project | Miami, USA
Sammer Gallery | Miami, USA
Smart Gallery | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Subsuelo | Rosario, Argentina
Vermelho | San Pablo, Brasil
Younique | Lima, Perú / París, Francia
Yvonne Sanguinetti | Barranco, Perú