Sculpture Garden

Curated by Max Hernández Calvo

The Sculpture Garden brings together the work of young artists who reflect on the relationships between open space, nature, landscape and architecture, as a response to the same spatial characteristics of the section, presented in the front garden of the Casa Prado.




Max Hernández Calvo

He is an independent curator and art critic. Among his recent curatorships are the retrospective of Alberto Borea "Arqueologías del presente y poéticas de la ciudad” (Archaeologies of the present and poetics of the city), co-curated with Adriana Tomatis; and the retrospective of Fernando Bedoya, "Artist in Residence" (both 2022). He recently published the book "El mañana fue hoy. 21 años de videocreación y arte electrónico en el Perú" (Tomorrow was today. 21 years of video creation and electronic art in Peru), co-edited with José-Carlos Mariátegui and Jorge Villacorta (2018).