Curated by Gredna Landolt

The contemporary art section of the Amazonía exhibits renowned artists from indigenous peoples.


What the eyes do not see

This section deals with the multiverse inhabited by beings that protect nature, guardian spirits that protect it from being depredated by men. They cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they manifest in different ways, interacting with people to maintain the necessary balance for life.


Participating artists: Chonon Bensho, Lastenia Canayo, David Díaz, Dimas Paredes, Gerardo Petsaín, Brus Rubio Churay, Roldán Pinedo (Shoyan Shëca), Frank Soria, Elena Valera (Bahuan Jisbë), Celia Vásquez, Santiago and Rember Yahuarcani. The Awajún potters Dina and Eufemia Mujat, Julia Daichap, Luzmila Ajikui, Rosa Chimpa and Julia Apikai. The exhibition includes large-format pieces by renowned Shipibo potters.





Gredna Landolt Pardo

Graphic artist, she works as curator of the Inca Garcilaso Cultural Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has been a consultant for the Bilingual Teacher Training Program of the Peruvian Amazon–Formabiap. Among her main curatorships on the subject are: Amazonías, with Sharon Lerner (Matadero Madrid, 2019); Plantas maestras, visiones del bosque, paintings by Dimas Paredes (CC Inca Garcilaso, 2019); Awajún y Wampís: Construir, habitar, imaginar el territorio. Drawings by Gerardo Petsaín (CC Inca Garcilaso, 2015); La Amazonía de Ch. Kroehle. Photos and postcards from the late 19th and early 20th centuries (CC Inca Garcilaso, 2010); El Hombre Lluvia, El Cielo y la Tierra, with Luisa E. Belaunde (Museo de Arte del Centro Cultural San Marcos, 2009); Ani Shëati, La Gran Fiesta Shipibo, with Martín Ccorisapra (CC Inca Garcilaso, 2008); Es nuestra costumbre, two-person by Elena Valera and Roldán Pinedo -who integrated Amazonía al descubierto, curated by Pablo Macera- (Museo de Arte del CC San Marcos, 2005); Serpiente de agua, la vida indígena en la Amazonía, with A. Surrallés (Desamparados Cultural Station, 2003); El ojo verde. Cosmovisiones amazónicas, with Pablo Macera and co-organized with Formabiap (Fundación Telefónica, 2000). Landolt Pardo is a member of the Academic Committee of the Lima Art Museum and has been an invited curator at the VI and XXVI Auctions of MALI and PArC 2019. She has received the Orden Gran Cruz for Merit from the Diplomatic Service of Peru J. G. Paz Soldán 2021. She is editor of "El ojo verde" and "Serpiente de agua", "Tejidos enigmáticos de la Amazonía peruana" and "El ojo que cuenta. Mitos y costumbres de la Amazonía indígena ilustrados por su gente".