iodoro Pacco Choque

Textile Art

As a novelty, this year Pinta PArC is proud to present a new space with a leading role marked by the textile art of Tiodoro Pacco. Institutionally and with the curatorship of Jerson Ramirez, the aim is to recover, highlight and celebrate the traditional techniques and artistic work of the region. The space is thus dedicated to the exploration of memory, the transmission of cultural values ​​and the examination of the processes and formats that are interwoven in the Peruvian artistic identity.

In its space at Pinta PArC, the exhibition is made up of works that are part of cultural promoter Armando Andrade’s collection. These large format works exhibit geometric designs in black and white. Arranged in patterns reminiscent of op art works, the works have a particular dynamism where modernity is interwoven with the warm character of the textile fibers.

"Peru is internationally recognized for its textile tradition and diversity," shares Jerson Ramirez, curator of the exhibition. “Each region is characterized by a certain technique, material, color and shape. In this sense, the textiles can be understood as a sort of portrait of the territory in which they were created. The town of Palca, in Puno, stands out for its alpaca farming tradition. For this reason, it is not surprising that the artisans of this community have learned to dominate the fiber of these animals and elaborate complex and colorful textile pieces that they integrate into their daily work. One of the greatest representatives is Don Tiodoro Pacco, who learned the weaver's trade in his teens in his father's workshop. Possessor of a curious spirit, Don Tiodoro carries out a constant technical and material exploration that allows him to innovate the local tradition and elevate his work to the category of art.”



Tiodoro Pacco Choque (Lampa, Puno) is a textile artist from the town of Palca, Puno. His father taught him the textile trade in his teens. From him he learned to use the stake loom and the pedal loom, tools that allow him to perpetuate the local tradition. In 2003 he founded, together with his wife Doña Juana Zea, the Association of Artisans Las Vicuñas de Palca, an organization that brings together 15 families of artisans and promotes their work in national and international fairs. Tiodoro carries out constant research and technical, material and formal exploration, which has led him to deliver talks in other Latin American countries. Thanks to his active participation in the Ruraq Maki fair, the quality of his artistic work began to be recognized by different local collectors.