Next 2020

Under the curatorship of Florencia Portocarrero, “Seccion Next” of PArC 2019 proposes the visualization of six emerging galleries with regard to the contemporary scene of their regions.

With the participation of: Art Base (Cholula, Mexico), + Arte (Quito, Ecuador), Constitución (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Crisis (Lima, Peru), IK Projects (Lima, Peru), Piedras (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Vigil Gonzales (Lima, Peru).

PArC 2020 is pleased to present the third edition of NEXT, a section that has established itself as the space within the art fair that is committed to make visible the work of young and artist-run galleries, as well as other projects of hybrid nature that take the pulse of contemporary art production in the region.

Since its first edition, NEXT has sought to function as a window to the present of the artistic production in various Latin American countries. This year, the section maintains its international scope and includes projects from Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico; while at the same time it deepens its bonds with the local art scene by having an important participation of newly formed galleries based in Lima.

This year's curatorial concept gives centrality to performance. In this way, each one of the spaces has proposed a dialogue between two or three of its represented artists in whose practices the body has a preponderant place. As a result, the section will bring together artistic proposals that, instead of favouring a pristine montage, make their own process of creation evident and complicate the relationship between art and everyday life.

In 2020, NEXT reaffirms its vocation to become a platform capable of gathering and promoting –from Lima– significant exchanges between the art fair's public and projects that not only support the most promising artists in their contexts, but also stimulate experimentation in the production and exhibition of contemporary art in Latin America.

Florencia Portocarrero





Florence Portocarrero is a researcher, writer and curator. Shee studied Clinical Psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, where she also received a Master's Degree in Theoretical Studies in Psychoanalysis. During 2012 and 2013 Portocarrero participated in the Curatorial Program of "de Appel Arts Center" in Amsterdam and in 2015 culminated the Master's Degree in Contemporary Art Theory at the University of Goldsmiths in London. Portocarrero writes regularly in contemporary art magazines such as Artishock and Earthquake. In Lima, she is a curator of the AMIL Project's public program and is a co-founder of Bisagra, one of the few independent art spaces in the city. She has recently been awarded the "Curating Connections 2017/2018" grant from the DAAD artists-in-Berlin Program.